t a k e m e a w a y f r o m h e r e

newer tracks:

I'm working on an album, "symbolic"; you can hear three tracks from it exclusively on my Myspace - "a place of honour", "cicada" and "ascender". "symbolic" will be available when it's done, but sooner rather than later - summer 2006.

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download (for free!) the unseen rulers ep from Hidden Music. twenty-plus minutes of tense ambient electro, as heard on podcasts near you, dating from october 2004; my infancy as a producer.

and as a bonus, a pre-unseen rulers track, which is now older than the corn laws and came from listening to air's talkie walkie over and over again:

feedback would be great! all tracks remain (c) covert, 2004/05; all rights not expressly waived reserved.

- c